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5 reasons why you should be offering lunch to your employees

Par : Olivier Bultez

A few years back, brilliant companies such as Apple and Google started offering free lunches to their employees. Today, many companies including startups provide free lunches for their employees to benefit from. 

Many studies prove it, investing in your teams' lunches is contributing to your company’s overall productivity.

You must find ways to incorporate this into your strategy because it’s quite inexpensive compared to the benefits that comes from it.

5 good reasons to offer free lunches to your staff


  • Health is crucial

Food is medicine, so if you want to employees to be doing their best work, don’t neglect their lunches at work! Your employees spend all day sitting on a chair, so if you can’t offer them a bit of physical activity, you might as well give them other options to stay healthy! By offering healthy lunches, they will have more energy, better concentration and intellectual performance.

  • Reinforce your recruitment process 

Say you have a candidate who hesitates between two jobs with the same salary and benefits... If you are offering free lunches during the year, this will probably be decisive for him or her to make the right choice saving the employee precious time of meal-prepping.

  • Build team spirit

Lunch break is an important time of the day to connect, socialize and build healthy relationships with coworkers. By offering lunches to your staff, they all stay in the same environment, increasing exchanges opportunities between them. For optimal work performances, it all begins with a strong team.

  • Increase the engagement of your employees

By recognizing that they have leaders who value them, they will be motivated to do their best not to disappoint them. Your staff will enjoy and appreciate these special attentions and will be grateful for it. See for yourself the impact of this small action on your team's performances and work ethics!

  • Save time and money

Save time to your employees from not having to go out and search for food. With lunch already prepared, your employees will optimize their break time and you can be assured that everyone will be back to work in approximately 30 minutes.

As an employer, imagine offering free meals can save up to 30 minutes daily, 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year. That adds up to 125 hours of unused time, nearly 3 weeks of full-time work!

Let’s take the example of an insurance company who paid $15 for a young partner’s lunch.

Imagine that the firm charges $200 per hour. If  offering a free meal encourages the partner to do 10 more billable minutes of work per day, the investment is well worth the effort. That works out to $33 an hour while the cost of a lunch box is $15.

Finally, you need to see the free lunches as a long-term investment that will ultimately pay off for you and your employees.


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